Tamia, founder & CEO of Mia's Treats Delight, is a 14 year old baker from St. Louis , MO.  She started her business in 2015 at the young age of 8 years old.  Tamia bakes cookies & brownies. She's always had a love for baking, but decided to take it to the next level by becoming an entrepreneur and being her own boss.

Tamia has participated in countless vendor events, appeared on St. louis' Fox 2 news numerous times and has been featured as Black Business of the Week on the popular podcast, "The Friend Zone." She was also the recipient of Made Moguls 2018 Black tie Community Award for young entrepreneurs and recently named 1 of The Root's 2020 Young Futurists with 24 other world changers.


Tamia is a philanthropist and often volunteers, giving back to her community.  She currently sits on the KIDBOX 2019 Kids Board of Directors and was recently selected to serve as a 2020 Kids Board of Director for Dreams for Kids.

As her business continues to grow, she hopes to one day have her own bakery where she can employ others in her community who love to bake as much as she does.